""My first thing that I every acted in was…life. I was really dramatic."

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My friend had a guy sitting way too close to her on the bus and he was trying to read her text messages, so we damn well gave him something to read.


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Let’s discuss this moment, shall we? All the other award winners, that I saw, accepted their award, thanked some people, all their fans, and walked off stage. But these two guys, these two perfect jerks, don’t just acknowledge the people that love and support them, they actually take a few seconds to look around and smile and give a thumbs up and interact with the fans there. And you know why they pay attention to the fans like this when the people react to them? Because they spend so many weekends with fans, chatting and just being with them at conventions that it’s second nature to interact with them. I find it so beyond adorable that that habit carries over onto a big televised award show.

Feel free to delete the comments if you reblog, I just have to fangirl over them a lot little bit.

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The Winchesters checking you out


Nah I’m too drunk for this right now

This makes my vessel blush

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This explains why Crowley is still alive.The Single reason he is alive

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Castiel getting pie for his bae 

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i believe in hate at first sight

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Dylan is my best bud on set. Dylan and I have been through a lot together and have gotten in trouble a butt load of times. One time when we were living together we left the set during lunch time to eat at our house and we fell asleep and production had to call us to wake us up! (Status Magazine May 2013 Issue)

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i was rewatching the episode when suddenly

Whaa omg seriously?

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